Operate on a wireless network that delivers consistent, high quality, reliable performance throughout your facility.


Eliminate up-front costs of equipment ownership, maintenance, and support.


Power your locations with standard configurations or a custom design--whatever your organization requires.


Experience the efficiency of having your hardware, software, monitoring, and updates all provided for you.


EXPLORE THE POSSIBILITIES Call 828-438-5353 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today!

Starting February 2020

(Area updates click here)


COMPAS X-Stream TV customers will soon enjoy an improved experience and new features as we move to an all-digital network. The new all-digital network will give customers the capacity for a better television picture, faster internet and an improved voice experience.

Going all-digital will significantly improve our customers’ experience and lay the groundwork for future innovation.  Once the transition is completed, the entire television channel lineup will be encrypted. Encryption protects programming so that it cannot be viewed without authorization. This will allow us to automate certain functions and reduce the need for customers to schedule in-home appointments, providing you with a better customer experience.

The all-digital upgrade for our customers is expected to begin in February, and will continue throughout all of 2020. It will affect different customers at different times. COMPAS X-Stream will notify customers of their specific upgrade date, and when they will need to acquire a digital receiver for each of their televisions via letter. If customers using analog service do not acquire a digital cable box in the timeframe designated in their letter, they will lose television service once the digital transition is completed in their area.

Customers can contact the COMPAS office at 438-5353 to schedule a time to pick up their new digital cable box. Customers can install the new equipment themselves, or they can schedule a time for a COMPAS technician to install it for them.


Continue reading below for answers to frequently asked questions about the digital transition process.


COMPAS X-Stream Digital Transition FAQ


Why go all-digital? COMPAS’ all-digital upgrade is about giving customers a best-in-class television and voice experience, and freeing up network capacity. This means giving customers the capacity for faster broadband speeds, higher definition television, a better voice experience and new features across the network. Currently COMPAS X-Stream sends analog and digital signals. This means people receive their cable service in two different ways. Some people receive their cable through a digital cable box, which is classified as digital service. Others receive cable service by plugging their cable directly into the television from a cable port in the wall, which is analog service. Once the digital transition is made, all homes will receive their signal through a digital cable box. The upgrade to digital service will affect different customers at different times.  Customers will be notified of when they must upgrade to digital service. If you do not have a digital cable box in your home, your television service will end once the transition is made in your area.

How will this affect my channel lineup? Once the digital transition happens in your area, networks currently assigned to channels 70-77 will no longer be available on the analog service. The affected channels are Fox News, BET, E!, TLC, Comedy Central, Disney XD, Disney Jr., and FXX. These channels will still be available to digital customers, and customers who use our watchTVeverywhere feature. Our watchTVeverywhere service allows you to stream many of your favorite channels to different streaming devices such as a Roku, Amazon Firestick or Apple TV. For more information on watchTVeverywhere, you may go to our website at www.compasxstream.com and click on watchTVeverywhere at the top of the webpage. If you already have digital service, your channel lineup will not be affected on televisions in your home using a digital box. Access to these channels will be restored to analog customers once you make the switch to digital service. This change will not affect all COMPAS customers at once. The upgrade to digital service will happen throughout 2019, in different areas. You will be notified when your area is being upgraded to digital service.

What do I need to do? COMPAS will send a letter directly to customers notifying them of their specific upgrade date. This letter will tell you exactly when you need to acquire a digital adapter or receiver for each of your television sets. If you do not upgrade to a digital box, your television service will end once the switch to digital service is made in your area.

If you already have a COMPAS Digital Cable Box on all of your televisions, then you do not need to do anything. If any television in your home is still using analog service and does not have a digital service box, then you need to contact COMPAS to get a digital box for this television. Otherwise, your television service for any televisions in your home using an analog connection will end once the digital transition in your area is made.

You may pick up the additional cable boxes at the COMPAS office. Customers can call 438-5353 for more information and to schedule a time to pick up a new box. Office hours are 8am-5pm Monday-Friday, except holidays.

How much will this change cost me?

All existing customers will be eligible for one free digital box, which will not have any additional fees for use. For additional digital cable boxes, the cost will start at $7 per month.

How will this impact Internet speeds?

The benefits of this upgrade will play out over time, as we re-deploy the newly freed-up network capacity for faster internet speeds, more channels and more features. We’re committed to bringing faster internet speeds to the community we serve, with no contracts or data caps.

sc-trend micro-logo

Trend Micro Internet Security comes free (one license) with every COMPAS X-STREAM Internet package. Just follow these easy steps to get a license key, download Trend Micro and start protecting your computer today!

Tip: Read or print this page first.


1. To access the log in screen below, click the 'E-mail Settings' link at the top of the page.

sc trend micro download 01


2. Login and the click 'Protect My PC' on the bottom left side of the screen.

sc-trend micro download-02


3. Click the 'Request a License' link.

sc-trend micro download-03


4. Write down the license number, and click the 'Download Internet Security.'

sc-trend micro download-04

sc-trend micro download-05

Internet starts at 

COMPAS X-STREAM Internet serves up blazing fast speeds for streaming HD movies, TV shows, games and more!



$49.95 / per month

laptop 800px

X-Streamly Fast

X-Streamly fast speed
to meet your needs!


$79.95 / per month
200/20 mbps

Super Fast

For just $10 more a month,
you get double the speed as Really Fast!


$59.95 / per month
100/20 mbps


Really Fast

Our 50/10 Internet has plenty of speed
for normal surfing.


$49.95 / per month
50/10 mbps 

Residential service includes modem & standard outlet installation to accommodate modem. Delivery, installation, testing of modem, connect to CPE, assist in setup of browser & e-mail on one computer.

sc trend micro logoCOMPAS X-STREAM Internet packages come with Trend Micro internet security absolutely free. Find out more here.


COMPAS X-STREAM VOICE home telephone service is a great way to get better service at a better price!


$27.45 / per month

phone 800px

Unlimited Local. Unlimited Long Distance. Anywhere in the USA and Canada!

with Internet


$27.45 / per month

with Cable TV


$34.95 / per month

Stand Alone


$54.95 / per month

Voice Features

Address Book

Anonymous Call Rejection

Call Block

Call Forward

Call Logs

Call Return

Call Waiting

Caller ID

Do Not Disturb

Find Me

Outbound Caller ID Block

Speed Dial

Three-Way Calling 13

Voicemail 14

Voicemail Message
Waiting Indicator

Voicemail to Email

VOICE User Guide pdf                        3CX Partner 300x251px


With COMPAS X-STREAM, you get hassle-free television without the contract and basic packages at affordable prices! Don't be tempted by other service providers that lose picture during thunderstorms or severe weather.


$34.40 / per month

tv 800px

No contract. No hassles. Just great TV.

Broadcast Basic

20 channels plus
FREE Digital with Set Top Box


$34.40 / per month

Basic Cable

Includes Broadcast Basic


$92.63 / per month

Digital Basic

Requires Basic Cable
Set Top Box or wTVe


$10.00 / per month

Digital Sports

Requires Basic Cable
Set Top Box or wTVe


$3.95 / per month

Canales Latino

Requires Basic Cable
& Set Top Box


$7.00 / per month


HBO, Cinemax
Showtime, STARZ

Set Top Box needed 

$47.95 / per month


Channels and Rates Guidepdf

Download and print this PDF guide for easy reference.

Zap2it 230px Check out the channel guide online!


Broadcast Basic - $34.40

02 Local Origination

03 WBTV (CBS-Charlotte)

04 Program Guide

05 QVC - wTVe

06 WCNC (NBC6-Charlotte)

07 Hallmark - wTVe

08 WJZY (FOX-Charlotte)

09 WSOC (ABC-Charlotte)

10 WUNE (UNCTV-Linville)

11 WCCB (CW-Charlotte)

12 WMYT (MyNetwork-Rock Hill)

13 TV Land -wTVe

14 WHKY (IND-Hickory)

15 WGN (IND- Chicago)

16 WAXN (IND – Kannapolis)

17 TBS - wTVe 

18 C-SPAN -wTVe

19 HSN

20 WEA (The Weather Channel) 

Requires Set Top or
QAM Tuner TV

140 LAFF TV ............... (112.12)

141 ME-TV ................... (111.55)

142 THIS ...................... (119.11)

143 MOVIES! ................. (113.4)

144 ESCAPE................. (112.11)

145 GRIT ........................ (111.8)

146 Justic Network ....... (110.41)

147 Buzzr ....................... (116.2)

148 SBN ..................... (116.10) 

149 Bounce .................. (119.12)

150 Heroes ..................... (112.9)

151 Antenna TV ............. (116.9)

152 COMET ................. (116.11)

153 HEART ................. (116.21)

154 COURT ................. (110.4)

155 GetTV.......................(112.6)

157 NC Channel .......... (110.44)

158 UNC-EX ................ (110.45)

159 UNC-Rootle .......... (110.43)

160 LIGHT.....................(113.13)

162 START....................(112.13)

163 DABL......................(111.14)

164 CIRCLE...................(111.16)

801 WMYT-HD .............. (112.7)

802 WAXN-DT.................(113.8)

803 WBTV-HD ............... (111.2)

805 WHKY-HD................ (116.5)

806 WCNC-HD ............. (110.1) 

808 WJZY-HD ............... (113.3)

809 WSOC-DT .............. (112.4)

810 UNC-HD ................. (110.3)

811 WCCB-DT ............... (111.5)

864 Telemundo..............(114.12) 

Requires HD Set Top or wTVe

807 Hallmark HD - wTVe

812 WGN America HD 

820 TBS HD -wTVe

829 MotorTrend HD -wTVe

838 Weather Channel HD


848 AXS.tv



Basic Cable - $92.63

Includes Broadcast Basic

21 ESPN2 - wTVe

22 ESPN - wTVe

23 ACC Network -wTVe

24 CNN -wTVe

25 USA -wTVe

26 TNT -wTVe

27 Discovery Channel - wTVe

28 VH1 - wTVe

29 SyFy - wTVe

30 A&E - wTVe

31 CMT -wTVe

32 AMC -wTVe

33 CNBC - wTVe

34 TBN

35 Lifetime - wTVe

36 CNN Headline News - wTVe

37 FreeForm - wTVe

38 - Hallmark Movies & Mysteries - wTVe

39 truTV -wTVe

40 National Geographic

41 Bravo - wTVe

42 MSNBC - wTVe

43 FOX Sports 1

44 Oxygen  - wTVe

45 Food  -wTVe

46 Disney Channel - wTVe

47 Investigation Discovery - wTVe

48 NBCSN - wTVe

49 Paramount - wTVe

50 Golf Channel - wTVe

51 HGTV - wTVe

52 MTV - wTVe

53 UP

54 FOX Sports Southeast

56 Outdoor Channel

57 LMN (Lifetime Movies) - wTVe

58 OWN - wTVe

59 NFL Network - wTVe

61 History Channel - wTVe

62 TCM (Turner Classic Movies) - wTVe

63 WeTV -wTVe

64 GSN


66 Nick - wTVe

67 Animal Planet - wTVe

68 CN (Cartoon Network) - wTVe

69 Travel Channel - wTVe

70 FOX News - wTVe

71 BET -wTVe

72 E! - wTVe

73 TLC - wTVe

74 Comedy Central - wTVe

75 Disney XD - wTVe

76 Disney Jr. - wTVe

77 FXX

78 FX

99 MLB Network

Requires HD Set Top or wTVe


606 ESPN2 HD

607 ACC Network HD


643 FS1 HD

650 Golf Channel HD

654 FOX Sports Southeast HD

659 NFL Network HD

665 FOX Sports Carolina HD

813 Syfy HD

814 USA HD

815 Bravo HD


817 FX HD

819 CNN HD

821 Cartoon Network HD

822 TNT HD

823 Discovery HD

824 TLC HD

826 Animal Planet HD

828 Investigation Discovery HD


831 Food Network HD

832 Smithsonian Channel  HD

833 History Channel HD

834 A&E HD

835 Disney XD HD

836 Disney HD

837 Disney Jr. HD



845 WE HD

846 AMC HD

849 Hallmark Drame HD

850 Hallmark Movies & Mysteries HD

855 Inspiration HD

856 Outdoor Channel

867 National Geographic HD


872 E1 HD

877 FXX HD


Digital Basic - $10.00

Requires Basic Cable, Requires Set Top or watch with wTVe

100 Nick2

101 TEENick

102 Nicktoons Network

103 CNN International

104 OWN- wTVe

105 BBC America

107 Destination America

108 Discovery Family

109 Sc Science - wTVe

110 American Heroes Channel - wTVe

111 Fit TV

112 FX Movie Channel

113 MTV Hits

114 FOX Sports 2

116 IFC (Independent Film)  - wTVe

 117 Hallmark Drama

118 CNBC World

119 Universal Kids

120 Viceland - wTVe

121 fyi - wTVe

122 VH-1 Classic Rock

123 Nick Jr. - wTVe

124 MTV2

125 C-SPAN3

126 Fuse

129 Boomerang

130 DIY (Do It Yourself)

131 Lifetime Real Woman

132 Cooking Channel - wTVe

133 ESPNU - wTVe

134 SEC Network - wTVe

135 SEC Overflow

136 MLB Network

138 FOX Business Network - wTVe

139 Sportsman Channel

161 Olympic Channel

168 National Geographic Wild


170 Universo

171 C-SPAN 2 - wTVe

172 ION

Requires HD Set Top or wTVe

614 FS2 HD

818 FOX Business HD

825 Destination America HD

827 Science Channel HD


634 SEC HD

635 SEC Overflow HD

842 FX Movies HD

843 IFC HD (Independent Film Channel)

844 FSE HD (Fuse)

847 Discovery Family

849 Hallmark Drama HD

661 Olympic Channel HD


882 ION HD




Movie Channels

All 4! - $47.95

HBO & Cinemax - $27.95

HBO - $17.95

400 HBO

401 HBO2

402 HBO Signature

403 HBO Family

404 HBO Comedy

406 HBO Zone

408 HBO Latino

Requires HD Set Top

409 HBO HD

Cinemax - $13.95

415 Cinemax

416 MoreMax

417 ActionMax

418 ThillerMax

420 MovieMAX

421 5StarMax

422 Max Latino

423 OuterMax

Showtime - $12.95

430 Showtime

431 Showtime 2

432 Showtime Showcase

433 Showtime Extreme

434 Showtime Beyond

435 Showtime Next

436 Showtime Family Zone

437 Showtime Women

Requires HD Set Top

438 Showtime HD

439 Flix

445 The Movie Channel

446 The Movie Channel Xtra

STARZ ... $11.95


451 STARZ (west)

452 STARZ Edge

453 STARZ InBlack

454 STARZ Kids & Family

455 STARZ Cinema


458 STARZ ENCORE (west)


460 STARZ ENCORE Action (west)

461 STARZ ENCORE Westerns

462 STARZ ENCORE Westerns (west)


464 STARZ ENCORE Black (west)

465 STARZ ENCORE Suspense

466 STARZ ENCORE Suspense (west)


468 STARZ ENCORE Classic

469 STARZ ENCORE Classic (west)


Pay Per View

500 - Pay Per View Previews

501-507 - Pay Per View

510-516 - Pay Per View Mature

Requires HD Set Top

508 - HD Pay Per View Events

Season Ticket

561-574 MLB Extra Innings

561-574 NHL Center Ice

Requires HD Set Top

550 Team HD (MLSDK)


560 Game HD2 (MLBEI)


Residential Wi-Fi Gateway ... $3.95

Wire Maintenance ................ $2.95



with Set Top Box 

250 Hit List

287 Mexicana

251 Pop Rhythmic

252 Dance/EDM

253 MCU

254 Hip-Hop and R&B

255 Rap

256 Hip-Hop Classics

257 Throwback Jamz

258 R&B Classics

259 R&B Soul

260 Gospel

261 Reggae

262 Rock

263 Metal

264 Alternative

265 Adult Alternative

266 Rock Hits

267 Classic Rock

268 Soft Rock

269 Love Songs

270 Pop Hits

271 Party Favorites

272 Teen MC

273 Kidz Only

274 Toddler Tunes

275 T2K

276 90’s

277 80’s

278 70’s

279 Solid Gold Oldies

280 Pop Country

281 Today’s Country

282 Country Hits

283 Classic Country

284 Contemporary Christian

285 Pop Latino

286 Musica Urbana

287 Mexicana

288 Tropicales

289 Romances

290 Sounds of The Seasons

291 Stage & Screen

292 Soundscapes

293 Smooth Jazz

294 Jazz

295 Blues

296 Singers & Swing

297 Easy Listening

298 Classical Masterpieces

299 Light Classical

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